Interview with Basa Stevulova for Wild-berries

She is talented, sexy and devoted to the snowboard – all these make her one of the best riders in the European Snowboard Scene.
Basa was in Bulgaria in 2007 for the Loop Rail Strike. We hope she`ll come again and ride with us.

WB: Hi Baska. We`re really happy to represent such a devoted girl like  you to the girls in Bulgaria. Tell us how did you start with the snowboarding?
Basa: Started with skiing like everybody else  i guess and in age of 13 my mum got me my first board i remember it had written FAKE all over the nose. Can u believe it? Haha. 2 years later i hit my first rail and kicker and there is started :D

WB: What’s snowboarding in Slovakia like?
Basa: Well we have great mountains and i always try to go back to Jasna when there is powder because its the place to be then. With parks its harder. We have them they are good but if you want to progress you have to ride somewhere abroad

WB: Who’s influenced your snowboarding most?
Basa: People i ride with and my boyfriend a lot. He can give me the best motivation.

WB: You are traveling a lot. Where are you right now?
Basa: At home with my boyfriend. Was away for a while i was in Iceland for 3 weeks then we had photoshoot with Roxy in Autria and then straight to Saalbach for Roxy Snow Pro so im enjoying some time at home before i leave again

*Video from Makedoni (Popova Shapka) - Basa and the rest of the crew schredding:

Liptrip episode#3: "MACEDONIA" (aka FYRM) from Lipstick Productions on Vimeo.

WB: You’ve travelled to some pretty interesting places over the last couple of years – Turkey , Morocco …. Tell us how you feel going around the world?
Basa: Im so thankfull for what I have. Traveling around the world is most definitely the best school you can get. 

WB: So then which is your favorite spot to ride and who with?
Basa: It doesnt really matter where you are but with who you are. And of course snow conditions. So basically wherever is lot snow and some friends around im all good. I love to ride with Aimee Fuller if she is not on mission :D and Ana Rumiha . Those 2 most deffinitely

WB: Say something about “5 more minutes, please. How was being part of Lipstick and what was special to you about that movie?
Basa: Im super stoked beeing part of this. I love the movie it has really good spirit and im really happy we are working on another one this is season.

WB: Can you give us a run down of your average day?
Basa: So lets say we are at the photoshoot. Early wake up thats for sure,leaving 8 30 staying whole day on mountain, looking for spots to hit or build something, filming some products stuff,coming back home around 5 eat,sleep and repeat J
If im riding formyself its diferent of course ..

WB: How do you keep in shape when you’re off the slopes?
Basa: I train a lot with my boyfriend. He is conditional and CrossFit trainer and he knows exactely whats the best for me and what i need to work on. So always when im at home we are in gym every day .

WB:Who was your first sponsor and how did it come about?
Basa: It was NIKITA and i couldnt believe im getting stuff for free. One year later i got a call from Czech and Slovakian marketing manager for ROXY and deal was done. I have been riding for Roxy for 7 years now omg thats crazy hahaha

WB: Best riding moment?
Basa: When you get over your fear and go for something you were not so sure about and then it works.

WB: Worst moment?
Basa: When everybody around you is super hyped and u are totally not motivated. And of course slams and injuries

WB: What’s your ideal summer shredding destination?
Basa: Ideal summer shredding is NO shredding :D I love summer too much to spend it on snow and i think its also important to take a brake for a little bit because then you are much more motivated to come back on snow.

WB: What else you do in the summer? I know your hobby is surfing.
Basa: Yes I love surfing and I would love to spend whole year traveling around and surf that would be awesome. But im only dreaming about it J I go to festivals in summer if im not at the ocean and im trying to spend as much time as possible with my parents and friends.

Summer 2010 in Hossegor from basa stevulova on Vimeo.

WB: Where have you been surfing?
Basa: Every year im in France in Hossegor because I have lot of friend there and Quiksilver/Roxy has a BOARDRIDERS house there where we can stay from time to time and they also organize camps where we help. Couple of years ago I was in Costa Rica and I would love to go back to central America.

WB: You were in Bulgaria in 2007. Did you like it?
Basa: You know I haven’t been in Bulgaria since then?  J Yeah it was a long ago and I really wanna come back one day to ride some powder. I know right now Balkan is full of snow!

WB: Say something to the ones who are reading this right now:
Basa: Well I hope somebody is reading it and if yes then THANK YOU for taking time and checking this out! I hope I wasn’t boring hahaha

WB: Thanks Baska, we`ll be happy to see you again in Bulgaria for shredding or for surfing – we also have an opportunity here.