Interview with Isy, straight from the Alps!

We kindly introduce you one of the girls who always has their smile, love snowboarding and know how to have fun - Christine Szumovski а.к.а Isy.
I remember when I first saw her at аt Dachstein glacier. She is like those people who always can make you smile and it`s 100% that you`ll have fun with her. Isy thinks to come in Bulgaria this season and I`m sure she will love it!

Name: Christine Szumovski
Age: 26
Home town: Baden nearby Vienna
Home Mountain: Absolutpark Flachauwinkl

WB: Hi Isy, How are you?
Isy: “Hey, I’m fine, thanks, just came home from uni.”

WB: Express yourself in some words:
Isy: “I’m funny, creative and always try to do too many things at the same time.”

WB: How did you get into snowboarding?
Isy: “I get bored with skiing and I was really bad at snowboarding so I got interested and wanted to improve my skills. The more I was riding the more I loved it :)”

WB: What did you think of snowboarding the first time you tried it?
Isy: “…really, I thought: “Damn, this is so hard, give me back my skies!”

WB: Where was your first riding spot?
Isy: “It was on Rax, a small mountain not too far from Vienna, powder jump. I was there with some friends and it was a bluebird day with lots of fresh pow so we had an awesome time.”

How important is it to have the support of your family when trying to progress in your snowboarding?
Isy: “Support is very important; I think you can be happy when you have a family that understands that on one hand snowboarding is more than just a hobby and on the other hand it’s not about making money. So why the hell am I doing it? Haha  My family still wishes that I might finish my studies sooner and become a teacher at uni then. I know so many good people from all over the world that support me and believe in me. It makes me really happy, gives me confidence and pushes me to ride better. Thanks to all of you!”

WB: Years Riding?
Isy: “Park since 2005 maybe“

WB: Powder or park?
Isy: “Powder and spots with friends! “

WB: Competitions or riding for fun?
Isy: “Both, competitions motivate me to get better, when I see all the pro girls sending it and I love riding for fun, it makes me happy :)“

WB: Most embarrassing thing that happened to you on a snowboard?
Isy: “ I met my ex boyfriend again since some time and wanted to impress him and then I slamed in the inrun of the jump, very impressive! “

WB: Any advice for girls who are new to the park?
Isy: “Go out, don’t care what anyone says, have fun, keep your body fit to be prepared for bails and always try something new. “

WB: What’s your process for learning a new trick? Working on anything now?
Isy: “Hmmm… for me there are two different ways of learning new tricks. Sometimes I learn a new trick when I’m not thinking and just doing something I usually don’t do so often like switch backside and then I realize that it feels good… but that doesn’t happen very often.
Usually I imagine the trick first in my head, I think about it very detailed, try to connect it with positive thoughts and when I have the balls to try it (takes some time) I do it on snow. “

WB: How many days snowboarding?
Isy: “Would love to go every day but that’s not possible, so on the weekends and during uni holidays. “

WB: Do you have a girls` crew to shred with?
Isy: “ Yes, BWA! “

WB: Tell us something more about that.
Isy: “We are BWA, an Austrian 4 girls crew. We get to know each other on the mountain and became more than just riding buddies, so we decided to form the crew.
It’s good to find girls that ride at the same level to push each other, to film and to improve our skills together. “

Do you have sponsors?
Isy: “It’s not like I have a contract or anything, I’m happy to be supported by Rome SDS, Boardshop, Absolutpark, Adidas Eyewear, Ainwear, Weazelwear and EMA. “

WB: Where is your favorite place to ride?
Isy: “Everywhere with my friends. “

WB: And park?
Isy: “ My favourite is Absolutpark cause the chair is so fast and you have 2 jumps, then some jibs, the pipe and the jibpark. I also love the stash park with the natural obstacles when it has some fresh powder. It’s so much fun to be there cause you’ll always find some funny dudes to ride with.“

WB: How do you protect your smile :)
Isy: “EMA is a small brand from Barcelona and with those awesome bandanas I’m protecting my smile. Every bandana is so special and made with love that’s why I really appreciate EMA and want to spread it all over the world. “

WB: What are your other hobbies/involvements?
Isy: “Besides snowboarding I started to study again. I was already working for 3 years and now I decided to finish my master degree, so I don’t really have time for anything besides studying and snowboarding. Can’t wait to have my diploma work finished and then I can invest more time in snowboarding and travelling. “

WB: How was your summer?
Isy: “This summer was the best summer of my life. I spend 2 and a half months in New Zealand with two friends. I met so many great people and could concentrate on riding without the worry of finding a place to sleep or exams in my mind. I can recommend this to everyone and I’ll go there again next summer. “

Who inspires you?
Isy: “People that have fun riding inspire me most.“

WB: Have you heard something about Bulgaria and the places for riding here?
Isy: “I heard some sick stories about great powder and going there with ski-doos and I heard about the resort Bansko. “

WB: Do you want to come to shred here?
Isy: “I would love to go there to meet friends like sunny, that I haven’t seen for a long time and to share some time riding. “

WB: Say something to the girls who are reading this now.
Isy: “ I would love to see you all riding, having fun and pushing your limit on the mountain. “

Cheers, Isy

“Thanks you a lot! “

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