Exclusive interview with Paula Rosales for Wildberries

Paula is from Philippines and started kiting in December 2009. This didn`t stop her to become one of the best female riders in the world!!!
Her motto is “don’t just live your life, maximize it” and she do it to the MAX!
Last year she won 2nd place on Women’s Asian Freestyle Division, Kiteboard Tour Asia, not bad for 3 years riding, a?
She also go surfing and wakeboarding, as well as skimboarding and wakeskating .
Check out the interview that she gave specially for us!!!!

WB: Здравей Паула, кажи ни нещо за теб като за начало:

Paula: Казвам се Паула и се занимавам с “борд” спортове откакто се помня :). Живея на плажа и се наслаждавам на всичко около мен. Точно такъв искам да е живота ми – прост и щастлив!

WB: Hi Paula, Tell us something about you to get started J
Paula: Hi my name is Paula, I’ve been doing boardsports since I can remember. I live on the beach and enjoy everything around me. This is how I want my life to be simple and happy.

WB: Describe you in some word
Paula: Mermaid on a surfboard

WB: Tell us something more about the Philippines?
Paula: The Philippines is Fun. Seriously! Our tourism tagline is More Fun in the Philippines. And it’s true. I do travel to a lot of places but certainly the Philippines is where I have fun the most. I believe that aside from our beautiful beaches and pristine blue waters, us, the people is our best asset. The Philippines is a perfect boardsports mecca, with waves, wind and hills for longboarding as well, it would be the best place on earth for a boardsports girl like me if we would have snow, hehe but unfortunately we don’t. J
Our Waters are also the best in the world, it’s warm and you can stay in it for HOURS! I also spend a lot of time under the water, which is an amazing dimension of the world we live in. The world below sea level is amazing!

WB: Are there many girls who ride or it is not so typical habit J 
Paula: Actually, most of my friends back home are either of the 3 or 2, - surfer, skater or wakeboarder. I do all three, just because I get bored so easily doing something over and over again. I think I have an attention deficit disorder, so I learned all of them. Hahahaha.
We don’t have a lot of girls in kiteboarding yet because it’s a very new sport to the country. I am just a very persistent, hyperactive and adventurous girl, which is one of my best and worst traits ever! I wanted to learn kiting so much that I moved to the kite beach and would wake up at 5am to have my first morning session. My kiteboarding career went on a speed that I was also surprised with, I think it’s because of the background in other boardsports, that made me who I am today.

WB: How you get fond of watersports? What was first – surfing, wakeboarding, skating or….

Paula: first love is surfing. The stoke that I get from surfing is something I can never match EVER! Although at some point, surfing became harder for me to get into just because I didn’t have much time in between school, my other extra curricular activities (art and dance) and being an athlete (I was a national swimmer for our school) – too much activities at one time. Haha like I said, I have too much energy and had no focus especially when I was younger.
Wakeboarding and skating came hand in hand, I used to work and live in this place called Camarines Watersports Complex (www.cwcwake.com), which is the best place for watersports in the Philippines. I had the best job, any boardsports enthusiast can ask for. J

My love for boardsports is something so natural for me, I tried many different sports, my mom wanted me to get into other sports like volleyball, badminton and tennis but it was impossible. I just cannot do it, but I can ride a board pretty well. J

WB: How you have started with the kiteboarding?

Paula: I got injured after a few years of wakeboarding and decided to lay low for a while and move back to Boracay island where all my friends are living at that time. I was so depressed living in the sports complex because I was not 100% fit to go riding and I just watch everyone that started riding with me progress like crazy, and that made me sad, a series of events in my personal life made me decide to move back to Boracay, which was the best decision ever. Of course after a few months in Boracay I was bored to death because I cannot wakeboard nor even surf (too much wind for proper wave surfing) or skate because there is only 1 road in the island, and it was in bad condition. I found kiteboarding there and immediately saw the potential of me getting into it and branding it with a wakeboard style of riding plus surfing also. Both my love for surfing and wakeboarding came back when I started kiting. It was like a dream. Nothing I ever imagined like this was possible.

WB: And why kiteboarding? What more it gives to you than the other boardsports?

Paula: Kiteboarding is SUUUUUCH A beautiful and progressive sport. Until now when I watch it, I am in awe. I never thought I’d be able to wakeboard again, using a different kind of machine, not a boat nor a cable but with the use of my kite, which harnesses the wind. Aside from the sport being fun it also uses free energy instead of gas, which is great for the environment, I am enjoying my sport plus being a less of a contributor to carbon footprint and that makes me extra happy J
Believe it or not, kiteboarding is very very easy if you get proper lessons and instructions on how to operate your kite properly, learn how to use your equipment and learn how to save yourself if ever a situation arises. It is very accessible to people not just men but also to kids and women, which makes it fun for everyone!

WB: What is your style?

Paula: The moment I learned how to jump and do simple rotations with kiteboarding I immediately went back to using my boots (bindings – similar to wakeboarding and snowboarding) – using a wakestyle kind of kiteboard. Am a purist in style I should say, I stick to what I love and change it up from time to time but still with the goal of cross training to make my wakestyle better.
A lot of people say its more hardcore and takes a lot of time to get used to, but what I say to it, is that this is just what am used to. I am in my natural element – water, rails, board and bindings J

I also do a lot of kitesurfing but since wakestyle kiteboarding is sooo fun, I rarely spend time away from my boots. Am also waiting for my surfboard so I can go on the waves more. J

WB: Best trick?
Paula: hmm, I don’t really know. For me tricks are always judged on style and steez. Simple tricks look perfect when steezed and styled out. I love doing grabs with tweaks rather than complicated rotations just for the fact that I find it aesthetically boring. Lol hahaha. Kidding!

WB: What are you trying to stomp now?
Paula: recently I just got better from my left shoulder dislocation, which Is the side I use to land blind tricks in the cable. Because of this injury, I had to learn to do everything on the other side( right side) if I wanted to get back on my level. Now am not injured anymore, I am trying to stomp a back to blind. – a backroll rotation with a blind landing, which is where I left off before my injury took my shoulder out 3 times on trying this trick.

WB: Are you continuing with the other sports or you focus on kiteboarding?
Paula: I always love to learn new things but I think kiteboarding is something ill do as much as I can do it. I’ve always been in the water and I recently got introduced to other wind sports which is like flying. Learning other sports do help open my mind to endless possibilities with my kite so I love it too. Focus is one thing that my trainer told me that I needed a lot of help on. As talent is never enough if the focus is not there. Yoga helped me harness this focus, so yes am focusing on kiting, but of course also the fun stuff that other things give me Is always cool.

WB: Do you like wintersports as well? You can come to ride some day with us!
Paula: Yes I do! But I cannot ski even if my life depended on it. I snowboard well though, or so should I think. It was a funny day, The first time I went snowboarding I was with a group of IT guys who I know thought that I would not come out of the mountain alive. A small Asian girl with a funny smile is not what they picture a boardsports rider to be. They didn’t even believe me when I said I was a professional kiteboarder. Of course saying this to them in my painted nails, pink outfit and outrageous tone of voice. They were a bit worried that I will kill myself coming with them, which I think really scared them for a bit. HAha. I borrowed my friend’s snowboard gear, I asked some tips on how to get in and out of the boots ( which was for me the most difficult part- since am used to water and just flipping my board over when I crash) and off I went. On my first run I fell on my ass really hard, got up and went again. On my 2nd try I was going down straight, went toeside, switch and attempted a blind ride, which dramatically failed, then I tumbled down maybe 3 times, On my head. Haha. But it was fun, I needed to get over bailing on a snowboard, after that the rest was just fun times in the mountain and gained respect from 3 IT guys, who thought that I would end up crying and give up after a few falls.

WB: Have you been here in Bulgaria?
Paula: Nope, not yet. I would love to come. I was checking on a few spots for kiting on the web, but I think Bulgaria is best for other things aside from kiting, like snowboarding, skating, paragliding and powerkiting. Snowboarding season should be fun in Bulgaria, if I find a few weeks off my schedule I would really find time to hang out J

WB: What`s next?
Paula: I just finished my summer training in Paros, Greece which was for me the most difficult one I’ve ever had.  I am not afraid to say to you that I almost gave up, I was crying and really really weak physically and mentally. But hey, that’s what the training is for right? And you learn to maximize your capacity and never, ever, ever give up on what you love! From this training I learned not just new tricks but gained a new certification on my kiteboarding instructor status, plus also a few things about myself that I never knew I had in me. It was funny. Now, am resting in France some members of my family and going to spend a few fun days with my friends who are also from Boracay Island. It’s always good to travel and have fun with people you love. September is always a rest month for me, fun times and a lot of eating involved hehehe. By October the season In Asia starts again, am gonna be back in the water with my 2014 kites, gearing up for the Kiteboard Tour Asia which am really excited for!

WB: What or who inspires you?
Paula: A lot of people inspire me. I get so much energy from people who are passionate about what they do. One person though is my former teammate Susi Mai, kiteboarder and Red Bull Rider. She is 5’2 in height at maybe 45kilos! Doing bigger airs and tricks than most of the guys I know. Aside from this she is girly! This is how a woman should be. Rad but still remains a lady. J

WB: Your motto?
Paula: Never do anything half hearted, Strive for Excellence even if mediocrity is required J

WB: Tell something to the girls that are reading this right now?
Paula: Never Ever ever ever give up on what you love. When you are about to give up is when the magic happens, you’ll see. And also Don’t be afraid to admit that you are scared, getting over your fear is when you earn the respect for yourself.

WB: And now to the boys J
Paula: hahaha. – hmmm I really have nothing to say to them. Boys get scared when we start speaking to them. LOL

Ok – ahhh Never take us for granted, especially us board girls. We are a rare kind J

Thank you for the interview hope see you soon here! You are always welcome in Bulgaria!
Keep on doing what makes you happy!

Special thanks to Ivan Panchev from 360`, who gave us Paula`s contacts!

Photos : Own archive

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