The Interview for Bulgarian Girls Adventure site

At only 19 years old, she’s currently the US Female National Champion and the winner of the 2011 IFSC World Championships in the female overall category. Back in October of 2011, she was the 1st American female climber to send a 5.14d (9a), something only 2 other female climbers in the world have done.

WB: Hello Sasha, tell us a little about you. Where are your from, how old are you how did you start climbing? What was going on before it?
Sasha: I am from Washington DC and I am 19 years old. I started climbing in 1999, when I was 7. My brother had a birthday party at a local climbing gym and I was hooked from day 1. I loved the sport and it instantly became my passion. Now, my love for climbing continues to grow as I continue with my experiences!

WB: Where was your first climbing?
Sasha: A local climbing gym in Washington, DC.

WB: Who or what got you going in the sport?
Sasha: My brother’s birthday party when I was 7!

WB: How do you decide to start competing?
Sasha: I stumbled upon a climbing competition at the climbing gym that I went to one Saturday morning and I participated, I won, and I looked into how to participate in more competitions.

WB: You have won many climbing competitions. Can you tell us about those efforts?
Sasha: I love the energy around climbing competitions but I still prefer climbing outside. I love competitions mainly because I get to challenge myself and because I get to hang out with my friends from around the world that I otherwise rarely see.

WB: What is to achieve 9a? Tell us first about it:
Sasha: Achieving 9a, Pure Imagination, was an amazing feeling of accomplishment and I hope that it serves as a barrier-breaker to more women climbers and female athletes to break the boundary of their own personal limitations as well.


WB: What is next, 10a? :)
Sasha: I don’t know :)

WB: Do you train specifically for outdoor route climbing or is your competition route climbing training the same?
Sasha: Neither.. I just climb  I prefer to be climbing outdoors and so I do that as much as possible.

WB: Do you favor outdoor climbing over comp climbing?
Sasha: Yes!

How you concentrate before climbing? What is in your head?
Sasha: I try to zone out everything else and just concentrate on the movement. I listen to music, too.

WB: Describe your perfect route...
Sasha: Long, pure, fluid, and surrounded by a beautiful landscape. With a good friend belaying me!

WB: What is the hardest route climbed by a women ever?
Sasha: 9a

WB: What does climbing give to you?
Sasha: A sense of accomplishment and a determination to set goals.

WB: Tell us about the bouldering? What is the difference and what you prefer?
Sasha: I like to boulder too but bouldering feels less fluid and I never have the same connection to the rock as I do while I am route climbing.

WB: Tell us about your ordinary day. How does it pass?
Sasha: When I am in school, I go to school, go climbing, have dinner, and do homework. This year I am not in school so I am mainly just climbing and doing appearances and filming.

WB: Where are you traveling and climbing now?
Sasha: Currently I am in Spain!

WB: Favorite place and climbing area?
Sasha: Red River Gorge, Kentucky!

WB: Are you participating in a lot of events this year?
Sasha: Not really – I am more focusing on outdoor climbing and traveling.

WB: Who are your sponsors?
Adidas, FiveTen, Petzl, Native Eyewear

WB: Do you have any other interests except the climbing?
Skiing, running, hanging out with friends, baking

WB: What does the future hold for you? Any dreams or goals you want to achieve?
I want to feel personally satisfied with my own goals and I want to be happy. Success is not a destination it is rather a journey and I want to have fun on that journey, make the greatest friends along the way, and laugh a lot in the process. .

WB: What kind of music do you like?
Sasha: All. Hip hop the most!

WB: Can you give an advice for novice climbers?
Sasha: Believe that anything is possible and don’t get shut down easily.

WB: Here in Bulgaria, we also have an opportunity for climbing, can you tell something to the girls here?
Sasha: Aspire to great goals and believe in your own abilities. Do not take negativity from others as anything but constructive criticism and follow your own passion. If you love what you are doing, you will do it the best.